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New Product!

The UltraStream - It’s a health system, not just a water filter!

Scientifically proven to remove harmful contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and bacteria AND to produce hydrogen-rich, alkaline and ionized water that you'll want to keep on drinking. Available in 2 colour options and installed on the benchtop or undersink.

It’s not just what it takes out, it’s what it puts in that makes it so powerful.  Click here to read more

Welcome ‘To Alkaline Water Filter

Let's face it, ionizers are not cheap; but they may be one of the most important investments of your life. We want all our clients to understand the basics of alkaline balance. Once you understand you can make a safe, informed choice.

Now it’s as easy as ionized H20 to de-acidify and Alkalise.

Until recently the only way to maintain a healthy, consistent pH level in the blood and tissues was to live on 80% alkaline foods such as raw, green-leafed vegetables, maintain a stress-free life as much as possible and forego many of life’s little “acidic pleasures”!

The drawback to this type of diet and lifestyle is its cost, (fresh organic vegetables are both expensive and often hard to find in convenient fresh quantities), and its impossibility – for most of us, today’s lifestyle is stressful, like it or not.

This section will guide you through the basic questions on choosing an alkaline lifestyle best for you. (Find out more about alkalizing)

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AlkaPod Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer $95.00 Watch Alkapod Video

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